Pediatric Application SWAT-T

The SWAT-T is a multi-function trauma device and an excellent choice for primary tourniquet in all ages and demographics. This video demonstrates its easy of application and effectiveness. When seconds count and you have a need to ‪#‎StopTheBleed‬, there is only one logical choice and that's a bleeding response kit that includes a SWAT-T.

Pressure Bandage

SWAT-T is a multi-function trauma device that is not only an excellent choice as a primary tourniquet, but also has amazing utility as a pressure wrap to control venous bleeding. Its ability to apply constant and uniform pressures around the wound, without compromise to central circulation is unique to the SWAT-T.

SWAT-T Training Video

Instructional video demonstrating the SWAT-T tourniquet by TEMS Solutions. Drumm Emergency Essentials use SWAT-T exclusively in our classroom bleeding control kits.

Long leg splint with SWAT-T

This video depicts a simulated leg injury in a 4 year old hiker. His siblings are with him on the hike as well as an adult. SWAT-T tourniquets are deployed from multiple backpacks to assist in the construction of a long leg splint prior to evacuation to their car.

QuikClot Combat Gauze LE Training

Training video for QuikClot Gauze LE. Drumm Emergency Solutions choice for hemostatic gauze in the civilian and first responder communities.

DES Tourniquet Training Manikin

DES Tourniquet Training Manikin is made in the USA. This manikin makes a good tourniquet trainer. Each trainers' upper torso is sized based on statistical data for an average 8-year-old child, which acts to highlight the advantages of the pediatric specific tourniquet options on the market.


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