Our Mission is to provide dynamic solutions for civilian response to accidents, natural disasters and active shooter events.

After a long career as a paramedic working all around the U.S., I was blessed to have the opportunity to move my family to the southern Appalachian mountains to pursue a career in medical education. This move brought about an opportunity for Jennifer, my wife, to take a job at a local elementary school and join an amazing public school system that I am proud to have my own children be a part of.

Our relocation to such a safe and isolated part of country and the feeling of safety provided by the ring of high mountain ridges, remoteness from large urban populations and southern hospitality can greatly enhance the perceived isolation from the negative events that we so often hear about. The feeling of being lulled into a false sense of security gave birth to a realization that our classrooms, churches, malls and other public spaces are not as prepared as they should be to deal with the senseless violence and tragedy that we hear about everyday.

From this realization was born Drumm Emergency Solutions. A company dedicated to bringing affordable emergency response kits, designed to provide the tools needed to Stop The Bleed if and when tragedy strikes. These solutions provide teachers, church staff, small business owners and other responsible Americans the ability to respond rapidly to accidents, natural disasters or unprovoked violence in the time is takes for emergency services to arrive. Taking advantage of this times saves lives. Our vision is to see that everyone has the access to these highly effective tools and training enabling them to act in times of accidents and violence.


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