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QuikClot Hemostatic Gauze
QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE is a 3-inch x 4-yard strip of z-folded soft, white, nonwoven, hydrophilic gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that is both safe and effective in accelerating the body’s natural clotting cascade without any...
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QuikClot® Rolled Gauze
QuikClot Rolled Gauze is a sterile, soft white 3 in. x 4 ft. nonwoven hemostatic gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that activates Factor XII,1 which in turn accelerates the body's natural clotting ability.2,3,4,5 Allowing you to control bleeding fast9 potentially giving...
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OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage
The World's Most Versatile Trauma Bandage The OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage combines the globally recognized OLAES® Modular Bandage with battle tested HemCon® ChitoGauze® PRO to create the most comprehensive trauma bandage for multiple injury profiles. Both proven life-saving devices are now together in a...
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