SWAT-T Rescue Orange or Black


SWAT-T Rescue Orange or Black


Why use SWAT-T™ Orange:

  • Approved for Fire/EMS, School Resource Officers, Outdoor enthusiast (hunters/hikers/etc.), and home usage.

  • Same life-saving benefits as the Tactical Black SWAT-T™ (carried by military and law enforcement), but Rescue Orange color to make it safer and easier to identify.

  • The SWAT-T™ is safer and more effective than other strap/windlass tourniquets.

  • Easy to learn and train on. Simple to use.

  • In a class by itself, the SWAT-T™ is a multi-function first aid device. Multiple Documented Saves!

For Less severe bleeding:

  • Use the SWAT-T™ directly over the wound as a pressure wrap

    • Can wrap over gauze or hemostatic agent

    • Ensure the ovals / rectangles / diamonds do not become circles / squares (equals tourniquet pressures)

    • Ensure pulse in wrist/ankle is still present

Other uses:

  • Can hold ice next to strains/sprains

  • Can be used to stabilize a broken bone or joint after injury
    Ensure SWAT-T™ is not overtightened

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